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Saint John’s Wort Kurta

Saint John’s Wort Kurta

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This kurta features a rich, vibrant raspberry pink color that exudes warmth and femininity. The fabric is crafted from a lightweight cotton blend, intricately woven with an allover lace-like pattern that adds beautiful texture and detail.

The kurta material is breathable and has a slightly sheer quality, making it ideal for warm weather wear. The delicate lace patterning creates a dimensional, almost brocade-like effect across the fabric's surface. The three-quarter length sleeves and knee-grazing hemline give the kurta an elegant, flattering silhouette.

With its striking hue, intricate lace pattern, and flowy fabric, this kurta seamlessly blends traditional Indian artistry with modern style sensibilities, resulting in a versatile and eye-catching piece suitable for both casual and dressier occasions.
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