About the founder - Our Journey!

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. The size of the step does not matter, as it only takes you forward. The journey of Ahadiya (Formerly known as ahadiya now clothingmadeeasy) began when Ms Surbhi Jain decided to go solo.

Yes! Our boss and true inspiration, Ms. Surbhi Jain, completed her bachelor's from Delhi University along with working 365 days all day long post-college in the family business from a young age.

Her passion drove her to pursue a specialized course at Pearl Academy of Fashion. After that, there was no turning back. At the age when we were looking for good jobs and securing our future, she decided to go solo. From student to entrepreneur!

Her fondness for women’s clothing and elevating the Indian cultural and traditional art grew more and more. It’s not child’s play to start fresh and choose a less walked path, but it becomes a little easier when your family has your back.

She handed things, being the first Female in her family to have a setup of her own. A determined Surbhi never took a day off until 2020. She kept her hunt on for honed artisans and karigars, making sure that the deliveries were on time and producing fine products from limited resources.

She managed to keep her Ahadiya family together even in slow seasons by managing salaries, rent, etc. It’s a rare quality these days!

She believes in moving forward and is farsighted. Along with the fabric, she introduced footwear, hand block print corporate gift items, saris, running material in ajrak, home decor, home furnishings, and accessories all in just a year, making every day count.

Her endearment for helping people is evident. She was successful in providing Indian artisans and karigars the platform to showcase their inherited skills and empowered them even during a hard time of the pandemic; not only this, but together, they distributed masks all around the world.

She is an epicenter of positivity. Quoting her, “Getting the best wishes and their blessings was the best part of the lockdown.