Wash Care Instructions

For all those clients who are purchasing a product for the first time. This is to inform you that we give a 100% guarantee of no fading and shrinkage, but let us inform you that all precautions need to be taken to avoid both issues and make the fabric stay longer and as good as new.

Do not dip any clothing in water for more than 10 minutes, and make sure that you use gentle liquid or comfort liquid; no other brand is recommended because most of them are a very harsh and strong chemical combination of washing powder and liquid, which ruins the strength of the fabric along with the color and also makes the fabric shrink if washed regularly with strong detergents and made to dip in water for a longer number of hours.

All the garments are to be washed separately for the first 3 to 4 washes to avoid fading and color bleeding.

Do not hand wash the piece of clothing. Every day, you can just machine wash it on a regular basis with gentle liquid.

In case you need to hand wash the piece of clothing, make sure you don’t dip it in boiling water or very cold water. It has to be normal or lukewarm, along with liquid soap; dip the garment for 10 minutes, and then wash it without using a hard brush.

It is extremely easy to take care of any outfit made from clothing and maintain its color, size, and fit for years If you wash it correctly.

.5 inch of shrinkage is likely even if all these instructions are followed, so make sure that you take comfortable clothing and not an extremely fitted outfit.
Don’t panic in case the size is too fitted. Just get it exchanged with a bigger size with no questions asked and no drama from our end.