Return & Exchange

We are one of the thousands of cotton clothing brands in India that’s trying to serve the client with the utmost quality products and fit along with the best possible service, which brings us down to the simplest refund and exchange policy.

If there is an issue with the size, do let us know within 10 days so we can exchange the product for you at no extra cost except for the difference between both products; the cost has to be paid by the customer.

If there is an issue with the color, do let us know within 10 days so we can exchange the product, or you can take something else at no extra cost of shipping. The difference between both the products has to be paid by the customer.

If you don’t like the fit or are not comfortable with how it looks, you are free to get a credit note from our company, and you can choose whatever you like within the next 30 days at absolutely no extra shipping cost. Of course, the difference in product cost has to be paid by the customer.

If at all you wish to exchange twice or thrice, the shipping has to be paid by the client 250/- each exchange after the first exchange.

All the products that are to be returned to Clothing Made Easy have to be sent by the client by any valid courier service that delivers pan India, and the product should not be damaged or worn if they wish to return it; only then shall we accept it.

All discount products will be exchanged at two fifty rupees extra for the shipping within ten days, not more.

You can exchange from any category to any category. There is no hard and fast rule that you can’t exchange the products between two categories.

If there is any issue with the product or the following product, do give us a call and help us help you. Thank you

All the products are to be shipped back to us by the name of Clothing Made Easy.

Address - C- 615 Annexe, New Friends Colony, Delhi.
Phone no - 9971780388

Note - With proper packing labels and proper packing material to be used. Please don’t return it in paper bags or plastic polythene. Respect nature and Save the planet.