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Bletilla Kurti

Bletilla Kurti

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This is a beautiful blue kurti showcasing intricate bandhani tying and dyeing techniques traditional to parts of India. The fabric is a lightweight Mulmul cotton, allowing for breathability and comfort.

The stunning blue hue is achieved through an expertly executed bandhani process, where areas of the fabric are tightly tied before dyeing, creating the distinctive dots and patterns across the garment. The design features a dense bandhani motif over the body, accented by contrasting red borders along the sleeves and hemline.

This kurti exemplifies the skilled artisanship involved in bandhani, resulting in a vibrant, eye-catching traditional Indian garment suitable for both casual and festive occasions. The delicate tie-dye patterning lends a unique, handcrafted quality to this elegant and versatile piece.
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