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Ratna Jyoti Kurta

Ratna Jyoti Kurta

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The “Ratna Jyoti” Kurta is a vibrant red kurta that exudes a sense of regal elegance. The primary color of the kurta is a vibrant red, complemented by a rich blue used in the neckline and hem detailing, as well as the floral embroidery. The kurta features intricate blue floral embroidery that adorns the chest area, creating an elegant contrast against the red fabric. A detailed pattern also runs along the neckline. It has a round neckline with blue detailing that extends into a vertical pattern down to the mid-chest. The sleeves are full-length, ending with a blue cuff that matches the other blue details on the kurta. The

Ratna Jyoti Kurta is knee-length, offering a traditional and modest look. Crafted from the finest of materials, it is extremely comfortable to wear. Add the ‘Ratna Jyoti’ kurta to your wardrobe for a hint of elegance and sophistication

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