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Geranium dress

Geranium dress

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In the spotlight of the bazaar, a vision in red and gold afar,

A tale of beauty, draped in style, a garment that makes the heart beguile.

With every pleat and stripe, it sings, a melody of royal kings.

  • Fabric:

    • Embraces the skin with a soft caress, dress with flairy mul gown
    • Drapes like a dream, in elegance dressed.
  • Pattern:

    • Kota with tassels
    • Cream pleats that dance in the light.
  • Material:

    • Crafted with care, to last and impress,
    • A blend of comfort and style, nothing less.

This piece seems to be a blend of traditional charm with a modern twist, perfect for those who wish to make a statement at any festive occasion. 

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