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Gaillardia Kurti

Gaillardia Kurti

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In the moonlit nights, when stars twinkle bright,
A melody of elegance, a sight so light.
Adorned in royal blue, a symphony of grace,
Every thread weaves a story, in every embrace.

- The attire is crafted from a luxurious and comfortable pure cotton that graces the skin with softness and breathability.
- The texture is smooth and gentle, ensuring maximum comfort for the wearer.

- The dress features an intricate pattern that dances gracefully across the fabric.
- It boasts a harmonious blend of traditional motifs and contemporary design elements with embroidery on the neck and border.

Material Details:
- Royal blue in color, echoing the depths of serene oceans and the vastness of twilight skies. - Embellished with delicate lacework along the hemline and cuffs, adding an ethereal touch to its elegance. - The neckline is adorned with detailed embroidery in green, creating a striking contrast against the deep blue backdrop.


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