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Bouvardia Kurti

Bouvardia Kurti

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Hark, my friends, let me sing a tale
Of a garment that beauty unveils
A vision in red, like a rose's caress
A kurta that's bound to truly impress

Its hues so rich, its patterns divine
This crimson delight, a true sartorial sign
Let me paint you a picture, in lyrical rhyme
Of this exquisite piece, for all to admire

• Fabric: The luxurious Chanderi with lining flows like a gentle stream, caressing the body with its soft, silken gleam.

• Pattern: Intricate motifs dance across the surface, weaving a tapestry of cultural grace and timeless elegance.

• Material: Crafted from the handwoven fabric and zari, this kurta whispers tales of artisanal skill and pride, a testament to the Indian heritage, far and wide.

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