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Butterfly Bush Kurti

Butterfly Bush Kurti

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🎵 In the world where colors dance and threads weave dreams,
Behold the attire that gleams!
A symphony of elegance, a melody of grace,
Every stitch, every thread, in perfect place. 🎵

  • kFabric:

    • Crafted from a luxurious Chanderi Cotton with lining hand embroidery. 
    • Breathable yet opulent, offering comfort with class.
    • The fabric has a slight sheen that adds to the overall aesthetic appeal of the dress.
  • Pattern:

    • Adorned with an intricate pattern of colorful rhombuses.
    • Each rhombus is a harmony of reds and blues with golden outlines.
    • The arrangement creates a mesmerizing dance of shapes across the fabric.
  • Material & Details:

    • The neckline is graced with delicate buttons, adding to its elegance.
    • The hemline is kissed by a subtle yet charming red border.
    • Crafted with precision, every stitch tells a tale of quality craftsmanship.
    • The material boasts durability while offering an exquisite touch of finesse and elegance.

This dress isn’t just attire; it’s a symphony of artistry, a celebration of life. Slip into its embrace, and let the world waltz with you! 

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