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Agapanthus Kurti

Agapanthus Kurti

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Let me paint a picture with words, a vision to behold,
A garment that tells a story, its charm yet untold.
Hues of charcoal grey, like twilight's gentle caress,
Adorned with delicate florals, a touch of loveliness.

This ensemble whispers of elegance and grace,
A canvas where simplicity finds its perfect place.
A harmony of comfort and style, a true Work of art,
Inviting you to embrace its allure from the start.

• Fabric: The dress is made from a soft, lightweight material, cotton slub. 
• Pattern: It features a charcoal grey base with a subtle allover print of delicate pink floral motifs.
• Material: The dress has a relaxed, embroidered, flowy silhouette with three-quarter length sleeves, ideal for comfortable everyday wear.
• Details: The jacket complements the dress, adding a touch of sophistication while maintaining a casual, effortless vibe.
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