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African Daisy Kurti

African Daisy Kurti

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Let me weave a tale of elegance divine,
A garment that embraces grace in every line.
Its hues of teal and crimson intertwine,
A canvas where tradition and modernity align.

Crafted with care, this timeless kurta shines,
A symphony of fabric that flatters and refines.
Its intricate details, a labor of love's design,
A treasure to cherish, as precious as a jewel mine.

• Fabric: The kurta is made from a lightweight, breathable handloom appliqué work
• Pattern: It features a teal base with a subtle checked or checkered pattern, adorned with delicate red floral embroidery along the hemline.
• Material: The kurta is designed for comfort and style, with a relaxed fit and three-quarter sleeves.
• Details: The neckline showcases a beautiful red embroidered pattern, adding a touch of elegance and visual interest to the ensemble.
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