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Rajnigandha Kurta

Rajnigandha Kurta

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Ah, a vibrant creation that dances with grace,

A verdant ensemble that adds alluring traces.

Like emerald fields under moonlit skies,

This dress captivates with its mesmerizing lies.

  • Fabric: A lush corduroy, soft to the touch, Embracing the form with a gentle clutch.
  • Pattern: A tapestry of floral design, Woven with artistry, truly divine.
  • Material: A harmonious union, both regal and green.
  • Handloom with appliqué work
  • Long 45” length

A traditional green cotton kurta with vertical stripes and decorative black embroidery on the neckline and bottom hem. The kurta has a V-shaped neckline and three-quarter sleeves with embroidered cuffs.

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