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Picotee Blue Morning Glory

Picotee Blue Morning Glory

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🎶 Dil se, dil tak, yeh kurti hai meri! 🎶

🌼 Fabric:

  • Soft and comfortable handloom hand embroidered to touch, like the gentle caress of a monsoon breeze.
  • Ensures breathability, so you can sway through life effortlessly.

🌸 Pattern:

  • Striped design, reminiscent of the rhythmic beats of a Bollywood song.
  • A harmonious blend of horizontal and vertical stripes, creating an elongating effect that’ll make you feel taller than the Himalayas.

🌿 Material:

  • Durable yet lightweight, just like the dreams that lift us.
  • Perfect for all seasons—whether you’re dancing in the rain or basking in the sun, this kurti has got your back.
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