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Peacock Flower Kurta

Peacock Flower Kurta

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The “Peacock Flower” Kurta is a radiant ensemble that captures the essence of traditional Indian attire. The primary color of the kurta is a vibrant yellow, creating a lively backdrop for the intricate designs. The kurta features a contrasting blue pattern, reminiscent of peacock feathers, scattered uniformly across the fabric, adding a touch of elegance. The kurta has a round neckline, offering a classic and comfortable fit. The sleeves are three-quarter length, providing a balance between style and functionality. The Peacock Flower Kurta is knee-length, offering a versatile look that can be paired with various bottom wear options. Crafted from the finest materials, it promises both comfort and style.

Add the ‘Peacock Flower’ kurta to your wardrobe for a touch of vibrancy and sophistication.

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