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Raat ki Rani Kurta

Raat ki Rani Kurta

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The “Raat ki Rani” Kurta is a captivating ensemble that embodies the beauty of the night. The primary color of the kurta is a deep charcoal, reminiscent of a moonless night sky. This is beautifully contrasted by the white and blue floral patterns that are scattered uniformly across the fabric, like stars twinkling in the night. The kurta features a round neckline with a small notch at the center, bordered by intricate multicolored designs that add a touch of vibrancy. The sleeves are short, offering a chic and contemporary look. The Raat ki Rani Kurta is knee-length, striking a perfect balance between traditional and modern styles. Crafted from the finest of materials, it promises comfort and style.

Add the ‘Raat ki Rani’ kurta to your wardrobe for a touch of nocturnal elegance.

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