Navratri: A Celebration of Feminine Power

Time is slipping by like sand through hourglass. It feels like the year passed with the blink of an eye and now it’s time for one of the most awaited times of the year with the upcoming festivals(and bonuses) and the first in line is Navratri.

The auspicious and atavistic Hindu festival, Sharad Navratri is illustrious all round the globe. Different traditions, cultures and states celebrate Navratri in different ways. Navratri means nine nights.

The nine nights are held to honour the nine distinct deiform of celestial feminine Goddess Durga and the tenth day is commonly known as Dussehra. This festival may be celebrated differently by distinct culture and traditions in India but all summarises to a common moral that the good always triumphs over evil and that’s the beauty of India, different culture and traditions yet united.

Navratri is all about the power of feminine which is called Shakti and without which even Gods are powerless. We can easily resemble it with Clothing Made Easy because at Clothing Made Easy , women are not considered but are believed to be powerful.

Clothing Made Easy’s CEO herself is a great inspiration. She is making a mark with Clothing Made Easy in this male dominated society along with empowering other women too. She provides a platform to women to showcase their creativity and talent with time flexibility in some cases which is a rare opportunity available these days.

I really wanna thank you Ma’am for giving me this opportunity where I am constantly growing and polishing my skills. There are many more like me!

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