Kalamkari Hand Print

Another print from the dictionary of hand prints found at Clothing Made Easy is kalamkari that originated from the City of Kohinoor, Andhra Pradesh. It’s amongst the most impressive ancient traditional prints found in India.

It has captivated not only in India but is also enamoured internationally and is in demand in international markets too. The literal translation of kalamkari is kalam that means pen and Kari that means craftsmanship.

There are two distinctive styles of kalamkari, namely srikalahasti and machilipatnam. The main motifs of the style were said to be scenes from Hindu epics ( Ramayana and Mahabharata) but musical instruments, small animals, flowers, Buddha and few Hindu symbols, like swastika are also introduced to Kalamkari.

Basically in earlier days it was considered as a medium for circulation of stories of Hindu epics and others. The kalamkari print is entirely hand printed and needs a lot of detailing. The process consists of 26 steps starting with immersing it in astringents and buffalo milk and then drying it under the sun.

Bamboo stick is used as a pen attached to a bundle of soft hair. Kalamkari is entirely a hand printing process starting from drawing to filling colours and fixing them. With the help of the pen, a mixture of jaggery and water is used for outlying the sketches and then all natural dyes are used as colour.

The fabric used is pure cotton. The use of natural dyes with the goodness of cotton makes it the perfect choice when sustainability is given priority these days. Clothing Made Easy is stepping towards bringing all the traditional Indian prints under one roof and so far it has succeeded in its efforts.

Kalamkari is a very precise art and the technique is tedious but Clothing Made Easy is dedicated to the cause to elevate the Indian traditional hand prints
and Indian karigars.

For authentic and traditional kalamkari prints you can trust Clothing Made Easy as Clothing Made Easy means trustworthiness. Just scroll through the Clothing Made Easy website or step in the Clothing Made Easy store!

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