Is Hand Block Print Really Hand Printed?

Hand block print is like a dime a dozen. The elegant repeated pattern printed together brings a harmonious design that is a view of our vibrant culture, and that’s the reason why it has increased a lot in the last few years. A traditional hand-block print is sometimes printed through artificial means, taking away the charm of a naturally hand-block pattern.

The synthetic patterns straight away increase the profits. Clothing Made Easy is different from that case. The artisans and karigars at Clothing Made Easy are from Rajasthan and Gujarat, where the skill is practiced the most.

All the karigars have a history of generations practicing the skills and, therefore, are honed. The CEO has done a lot of research before starting Clothing Made Easy. She aimed to provide a platform to Indian artisans and karigars to bring forward the traditional and decadent art of India and take it to new heights.

A traditional hand-block print is printed using carved wooden blocks (carved by skilled craftsmen and has its process. I will discuss it soon). Then, the wooden blocks are carefully dipped into those vibrant organic vegetable dyes (we are talking about Clothing Made Easy ) and pressed on the fabric to create mesmerizing patterns and top-notch designs.

Clothing Made Easy believes in keeping the traditions and their charm alive. So what are you thinking about? Just browse through the internet for block print clothing, but choose none other than Clothing Made Easy because Clothing Made Easy means trustworthiness!

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