Indian Embroidery: The Art of Needle and Thread!

Indian Embroidery is indeed a treasure to cherish. The fabrics are beautifully adorned with thread to create a piece that hints towards the rich heritage and culture of India. One such is Chikankari that emanates from the City of Nawabs.

Traditionally, chikankari was a white on white technique which till date is evolving and has taken it to a whole new level. Tittle- tattle being that chinkankari was introduced in India by Noor jahaan.

A movie starring Farooque Shaikh called Anjuman highlighted the issues of chikan workers and thereafter Farooque was considered brand ambassador of chikan as he was flattered by the work.

Clothing Made Easy is working in the same direction, that is to provide the talented workers a platform and fair remuneration for the skill that they possess. At Clothing Made Easy you can explore a variety of chikan Kurtas, palazzo sets, tops etc.

Whether you want a traditional one with white on white technique or just want to add some colours to it. You can choose a full chikan embroidery kurta or just wanna keep it light for a casual look.

All you gotta do is just open the Clothing Made Easy site, place an order and flaunt it. Just remember to mention Clothing Made Easy to your friends and family !

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