Indian embroidery: fabric adorned in thread embellishments

Embroidery is an integral part of Indian life. Embroideries are considered self sufficient. They don’t need to be accessorised, they are a beautiful embellishment of the fabric. And one such embroidery is Kantha embroidery.

Kantha is admired because of its aesthetic value and handmade characteristics. It’s used by Indian designers as well as by international designers. Kantha hails from West Bengal, Bihar, etc and is known to be the oldest embroidery of India. It’s practiced by women in rural areas who have managed to master the skill over the period of time.

As you very well know that Clothing Made Easy is working to elevate the Indian culture and arts by providing opportunities and platforms to these skilled
women. Kantha embroidery was traditionally done on dhotis quilts and sarees with running stitches covering the entire fabric and creating different and rhythmic patterns and lines.

The main motifs of this stitch are flowers, daily activities etc. beautifully crafted on thin fabrics. With the refashioned world, now Kantha is used on kurtas, dupattas, cushions and the list goes on.

Just confused where to get it? Don’t worry you don’t need to travel to Bengal or anywhere for this mesmerising embroidery, you can get it delivered at your doorstep. How?

The answer is Clothing Made Easy clothing. A range of Kantha embroidery Kurtis and elegant tops for that casual meeting or a dupatta that goes with all, Clothing Made Easy has it all!

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