Ajrakh Block Print

Ajrakh is often connected with the oldest civilisation, the Indus Valley Civilisation. It is a form of block print practised in Sindh and Kutch, Gujarat and Barmer, Rajasthan. The etymology of ajrakh is a bit confusing.

Some say that it may be derived from azrak that means indigo in Arabic as it is the prominent colour in ajrakh print while the other speculations being that in Persian ajar means bricks. At Clothing Made Easy clothing ajrakh is created using traditional technique and with organic or mineral dyes.

The main colours of ajrakh are considered to be indigo, deep crimson red aligned repetitive patterns with interspersed bright white motifs. Ajrakh is a print that embellish the fabric with the creative wooden blocks that are pressed on the fabric within a grid to create a web like design known as jaal.

It is a long process. Clothing Made Easy believes in carving perfection so it has employed skilled artisans who have been passing their skills from father to son with the passage of time.

Clothing Made Easy clothing is a perfect example for serving its customers with traditional prints that fit the modern attire as well. It offers a range of ajrakh print from palazzo sets to straight line kurta to beautiful full ajrakh duppatas.

All you gotta do is order it online and get it delivered to your or your loved ones doorstep.

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